If i were

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Why do we use were in the first sentence and was in the second. I hope they choose you in the next couple years. Another group of campers were made to feel less welcome in Norfolk.

Wherever they pitched up, they were turned away.

Mohammed Abdul-Malek from Saudi Arabia asks: 1. A writing tip on using the subjunctive or indicative in clauses introduced by if. What would your life be like if you were somebody else? Voit myös tilata tämän tuotteen . The narrator, an appealing little redhea imagines the wonderful things she would do if she were Queen of the World. The Professor advises Anne on what to do next.

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Her works combine documentary and fiction and explore the fantastic reality. Visit Dolores’s Website Here . Look for all of the books in the Dream Big! Aligning wealth with simplicity of life and interdependence.

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