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Get updated once this movie is available in HD. Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan star in this comedy about falling in love with your best friend. The way our protagonists, Wallace and .

Sweet but mature romcom about friends in love. Opento preview, buy, and download this movie. Tells the story of Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo) who fifteen years ago left.

Approved Running time 101m 31s. BBFCInsight frequent crude sex references. WHAT IF is the story of medical school dropout Wallace . Christian movie reviews and ratings that are family friendly. Did you fall asleep half way through, or get distracted by something else? The romantic-comedy formula depends on our wish to see two tentative soul mates finally get with each other.

Toronto Film Festival in September. Exactly the kind of creativity we look for at the Hip Hop Film Festival. We followed these guys from their humble beginnings on Vine.

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Check out this amazing list at AssetWorks . Together, they puzzle out what it means if your best friend is also the love of your life. Certificate: Distributor: eOne. One of the big selling points about the movie . I often wonder if there are actually moviegoers out there who sit down at their local multiplex for the latest romantic comedy and think, “Maybe . I went live on Super News last week to craft the ultimate Pixar horror movie (with audience help, of course).

Follow Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance Director: Michael Dowse Distributor: eOne.