Sudoku puzzle

Compatible with all browsers, iPad and Android. Navigate the grid with the arrow . Enjoy these great sudoku puzzles!

Three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard. Sudoku all day every day with 2Sudoku! We also have our archive of recent daily . These include: NOTATIONS (pencil).

Play it and other Puzzles USA . An introduction with 1puzzles. Learn solving techniques with our smart solver. Also provides daily Sudoku, . This addin generates thousands of sudoku boards for you to solve. Rules: Fill in the grid so that every row, . Students use the given numbers to help . Some of the squares contain a . The puzzles in the Grand Prix will be designed for all the .

Here are the names of the squares, a typical puzzle, and the solution to the puzzle:. The only time you would need to guess is when the sudoku puzzle is improper, and . To work the puzzle, fill in the . Than” or our “Greater Than” Killer sudoku puzzles. New sudoku puzzles free every day at five difficulty levels with solver, hints and step-by-step solutions.

Looking for free printable sudoku puzzles? Print sudoku puzzles at several grid sizes. Keep your mind occupied for hours with sudoku number-placement puzzles! Includes easy, medium and hard levels. Each puzzle has only one solution.

The fastest online sudoku puzzle solver. Enter your puzzle and have the solution instantly. In this fun math puzzle and logic game, make sure each row, column, and region or block of squares contains each digit exactly one time. We found this puzzle in an American puzzle magazine, where it was titled Number Place, and we introduced it to . It took me time to figure out how the game worked.

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