Islamic calendar

It is used to date events in many Muslim countries. It is also known as the Hijri calendar or the . Subscribing or following an .

The Most Beautiful Hijri Converter Display on the web. It contains months that are based on the motion of the moon, and because synodic . Supports English , العربية , Indonesia,Türkçe,Malay,Swahili . To subscribe to this calendar on your mobile device, Click HERE.

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Muslim calendar definition, the lunar calendar used by Muslims and reckoned from a. It begins, not with the birth of Christ, but with the Hijra, the day Muhammad . Day, Date, Hijri, Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Sunset, Maghrib, Midnight, Event. Our Hijri calendar is in accordance with Makkah. Meaning: The word Muharram means Forbidden. Turkey, which adopted the Gregorian calendar .

Also known as hijrah calendar. Lunar calendar consisting of twelve months, each of which lasts from the first sighting of one crescent moon to . Islamic Date Requires Restart. They originally came from the ICU implementations that . Reese, University of Chicago, Keven G. A calendar system dividing the year into twelve months.

For example, an event that occurred 1years after the hegira . Some were lunar while others were lunisolar. This means that each month begins by the . Test your knowledge on this religion quiz to see how you do . This app is useful for Muslim and. English Transliteration and the order of each month is given here.

UNDERSTANDING THE ISLAMIC CALENDAR. This entry contributed by Dana Romero. Muharram, 02:Safar, 03:Rabeeul Awwal, 04:Rabeeul Aakhir .