Eve online patch notes

Patch notes for EVE Online: Citadel. From the August release onwards, scanning progress for cosmic signatures will be stored for capsuleers until they restart their EVE client. Miscellaneous: Minor improvements to the backend code.

Released on Tuesday, January 26th, . Gameplay: An issue with the Amarr tutorial site . User Interface: Fixed an issue causing the tracking camera to move randomly. FIXES : DUST 514: Back end changes and updates for DUST 514.

Accounts with an active subscription and their corresponding characters will be assigned the Omega Clone State and will work the same as . Eve Voice was integrated as part of Revelations content patch 1. On Tuesday, November 1 the landscape of EVE Online changes forever with the. The patch notes in their entirety can be found here. Lataaja: otbmodelsDaily Opportunities now live on TQ Sever as well as an update on my Citadel Services. Here are the patch notes for the YC119. Published on Tuesday, March 14th, . The Eve Online winter expansion, Crucible, will be released tomorrow – Tuesday, 29th November.

The full download client is 5GB for Windows.

EVE-Online: Steuere dein Raumschiff durch ein fantastisches Universum mit atemberaubenden Grafiken. Kampf, Handel und Unterhaltung in einem . The update packs plenty inside . Das nächste Inhalts-Update für das Online-Rollenspiel Eve Online erscheint in drei Teilen – heute gehts los und passend dazu hat CCP Games die Patch-Notes . The initial version of the Trinity patch could under certain circumstances delete. There seems to be changes on the Singularity server that are not announced in the patch notes for the latest Singularity patch on the eve . CCP has finally launched the much-anticipated Ascension expansion for EVE Online. CCP is happy to announce that the patchnotes for the next EVE Online release, Vanguar are now available. The developers at CCP have released their patch notes for the upcoming Apocrypha expansion, . Popular MMO title EVE Online has received its July update today and the patch notes are now available for all to see.

We even include the features CCP omitted from the dev blog, digging . Auch wenn es ja bereits Patchnotes für den Testserver gab, so gab es heute die Final Patchnotes für den Live Patch. Wie immer ist die Liste sehr lang, jedoch. EVE Online update overhauls bounty hunting.

Retribution brings new justice system Crimewatch, . Frigates Of EVE Online: The Cross Sections Now Available! Currently online: 261 Health: ok. More information at eveboard.