E-magazine services provide entertainment, experiences, information and skills. If you are using the Zinio for Libraries app for reading e-magazines, switch it to . Tämän tuloksen kuvausta ei ole saatavilla sivuston robots.

Thousands of ebooks organized by category. Seinäjoki Academic Library acquires electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, reference books and reference databases) for degree students and staff of . Reaping Digital Dividends: Leveraging the Internet for Development in Europe and. Books can be loaned from two different services: the Finnish Ellibs and the Swedish Elib, which is available only to the patrons of Kokkola city library.

Kuinka e-kirjoja pääsee lukemaan? Jokaisen e-kirjan yhteydessä on linkki kokotekstiin. Elsevier Health Sciences eLibrary. Worldbank eLibrary on koekäytössä 19. Palvelussa on Maailmanpankin julkaisuja, kirjoja ja työpapereita elektronisessa muodossa.

Interreg –hanke, jossa hankeosapuolina Suomi, Venäjä ja Norja. Lapin yliopisto, Taiteiden tiedekunta . We regret to announce that we will be closing public patron user accounts to eLibraryUSA on August 3 . Contains English and foreign-language periodicals, journals, conference proceedings, pamphlets, library school theses and books in subjects such as .

Explore electronic resources that are FREE to you with your Phoenix Public Library card. Search for something specific or browse the online . A fresh and easy way to borrow and read from your library. From now on, new library system LibrarySearch in use. This service allows you to borrow digital materials, such as eBooks, eAudio books and electronic newspapers by downloading them to your computer or . DeepKnowledge is an online platform that enables library end users to conduct searches on various subscriptions and online resources simultaneously and . Welcome to the Child and Youth Programs E-Library. It includes all multimedia products that we have . Kirjaston hankkimat maksulliset verkkoaineistot ovat vapaasti käytettävissä yliopiston tietoverkkossa (kiinteä tai langaton) olevilla koneilla.

The requested page is not currently available due to visibility settings. The EFORTnet eLibrary is an unique orthopaedic and traumatology password protected resource center with over 17. This is the home of the Aalto E-library for users space.

An extensive collection of electronic resources Our e-library includes e-journals, e-books, company and market databases, statistical services and. With Beanstack, discover our favorite library books matched to your child’s interest and reading level. You can organize books in to shelves, customize .