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Search through more than 0opening lines to find the perfect chess opening for you. Explore openings variations and find matching master chess games to . VälimuistissaKäännä tämä sivuWith our Chess Opening Explorer you can browse our entire chess database move by move.

The Opening Explorer is the best tool if you want to study an opening. The term can refer to the initial moves by either side, White or Black, but an . Learn about the most common openings in the game of chess, including the variations they lead to, with our quick tutorial. Enter opening moves on the chess board below to see the name of that chess opening and to get statistics from human Grandmaster games for those moves .

The ChessBase Web database contains six million chess games and is updated weekly. Find games by opening moves, players or tournaments. A good opening will provide better protection of the King, control over an area of . Benko Gambit, Accepte Central Storming Variation. Free online chess opening database and ECO explorer.

There are plenty of instructional videos, position by position slides explanations of the main ideas of all major openings. Learn chess openings and variations online by repeating the most popular chess Master moves. Explore chess openings and traps, and build your own opening repertoire online.

Science-backed chess learning tools online, chess training, and chess opening repertoires from chess masters and amateurs alike.

Interactive openings guide for study of all major chess openings, defences, gambits and variations. Best chess openings software for research and training in chess openings, endgames and tactics. Free tools for tournament players preparing the best chess . From Chess Openings For Dummies.

All-Comprehensive Opening Guide. Chess openings can be broken down into categories based on their pawn structures and how much . Analyzed Positions ∘ Encyclopedia in 5Opening Lines (Daily Updates) ∘ 2Articles (Weekly Additions) . These are my thoughts on What is the chess opening equivalent to each melee character? In chess, the opening consists of the first few . In the opening phase of the game it is important to develop your pieces quickly to active squares on the . The Premier Opening Theory site. All languages English language All topics Human Human behaviour Human activity Recreation Games Board games Chess Chess openings. Study chess openings by watching Grandmaster (GM) games.

Learning chess openings is an important part of any productive chess training. FICS Games Database – Opening Explorer. Closed Game cQueens Gambit dcxQGA eGQD cSlav Defence NcChigorin defence cSymmetrical Defence eAlbin Countergambit cLondon .